Artist Statement

I have an intimate relationship with wood.

Each piece has its own secret.

Discovering sensation in wood requires a lot of faith and patience.

Laughter, pain, wonder, sensuality, all deserve to be touched. My work allows a visual and tactile connection with these primal emotions.

With my favorite tool, the bandsaw, I am able to literally turn my sculptures inside out exposing the true middle of the tree, usually the most hidden and protected. Finding the soft, sensual nature inside a rough material is an exciting challenge.

Putting my saw blades into giant wood beams, sculpting rough edges into beckoning twists and cubes is all about listening/trusting that the soul of the wood will reveal itself.

Sometimes this happens.

For me, warm wood sculptures and doors are a welcome relief from the frantic qualities of today’s world. I invite you to touch them as they touch you. But as I create, surprises happen. And very often, the accidents are more interesting than the original idea.

Perhaps the accidents are the secret.