Commissioned Works



Betty Tobias, Longmont, CO*Entrance Door
Dodge’s, Hygiene, CO*Entrance Doors
Oppenheimers, Boulder, CO*Entrance Door
Martini’s, Boulder, CO*Entrance Door
Craig Bond’s, Carmel, CA*Teak Wave Sculpture
Bloxom’s, Carmel, CA*Entrance Door, Mahogany Sculpture*Walnut Bench
Barbara Cole, Oxnard, CA*Mahogany Wave Sculpture


Sue Schweppe, Gunbarrel,CO*”Walnut Undulation”
Greg Olbright, Boulder, CO* Dining Table, 2 coffee Tables, walnut sculpture, sculptural entrance table, 2 Sculptural benches
“Le Duet” awarded poster and PR piece for Open Studios 2013


Colorado Industries, Ralph L. Carr Judicial Center Library Doors/Sculpture
Colorado Industries, Denver Judicial Center*Doors
Nancy Triplett, Boulder, CO*sculptural end table
Greekey Sachs, Longmont, CO* Entrance Doors
Peter Shutan, Altadena, CA*Entrance Doors
Susan Klopman, Denver, CO*sculpture


Awarded Finalist for Colorado Judicial Center Public Art – Entrance Doors – Clerk’s Vestibule
Awarded Finalist for Colorado Judicial Center Public Art – Sculpture – Law Library
Jack Butler, Niwot CO*Entrance Door
Becky DeGrossa, Boulder, CO*Entrance Door
Eileen Kieman-Johnson, Boulder CO*”Friends”
Karen Youngs, Boulder, CO*”Admiration”


Becky DeGrossa, Boulder, CO, Mahogany Door
Judy Margolis, Denver, CO, “Ingress” sculpture
AJ Grant, Boulder, Co Ribbon Maple Console
Jeanne Woodroffe, Clive IA, Bedroom Door
Sharron Sweat, Fort Collins, CO, “inspiration” sculpture
Bunny Raddolph, Houston, TX, “Freedom” sculpture


Mary Lansing, Longmont, CO Sculptural Beam Mahogany
Jeanne Woodroffe, Clive, IA Sculptural Chest, “Fuego” sculpture
Lori Duncan, Boulder,CO 2 Mulberry Burl Hearts w Torquoise inlay
Vail Spa, Vail CO Wooden Chimes Mahogany and Bass


Martha Thomas, Eldorado Springs, Entrance Doors
Palm Desrt, CA Elm Burl Heart Sculpture
Carolyn Shuham, Boulder, CO “Fuego” sculpture
Virginia, Boulder, CO “Venus” sculpture
Nikki Wolman, Boulder, CO Entrance Door
Lori Duncan, Boulder, CO Entrance Door


Jim Hyatt, Longmont CO, Entrance Door
Don Hood, Longmont, CO Entrance Door
Denver, CO Entrance Door
David Raddick , Boulder, CO Sculptural Bench


Lisa Drake, Boulder, CO, Banister
Rabbi Zalman Schacter, Boulder, CO, World Chair
Scalari, Bouldr, CO, Entrance Door
Jennifer Eber, Denver, CO, Jigsaw Paintings


Colorado Music Festival, Cubist Instuments
Gunthers, Santa Barbara, CA, Sculptures a many
Levinson, BH, CA, Sculptural Beams
Frank Bergen, Aspen, CO, Sculptural Door
O’Shea, BH, CA, Sculptural Beam


Howard Diamond, Boulder, CO* 8 sculptures/Entrance Door, Bless his heart
Lisa Daly, Queens, NY* Cubist Stand-Up Bass, Mahogany
Cathy Summer/Steve Ellis* Sculptural Beam, Cherry
Ramraths, Vail,CO * Silent Sentinel Beams
Chaings, Boulder, CO * Entrance Door, Mahogany
Gross, Denver, CO * Cubist “Trio”


Williams, Boulder, CO * Entrance Door
Boulder County Aids Project, CO * Entrance Door

Janyce Jaramillo, Golden, CO * Front Door
Ann Donahue, Los Angeles, CA * Sculptural Beam
Gunthers, Santa Babara, CA * Sculptural Beam