We are enjoying our new Anne Shutan door immensely. It is a pleasure to come up the stairs each morning and look across the hall to admire it. We feel so fortunate to have met and worked with Anne, after years of looking for the “perfect door”. Her craftsmanship is superb and her knowledge and experience seem unparalleled. She has mastered her profession, not only in the work she creates but in handling the business end of the transaction. The cost was clearly defined from the outset, all deadlines were met, and all of our questions and concerns were handled with grace. She is a true pleasure to work with and we cherish the new friendship.

We met her by chance as we were leaving a celebration at a local gallery where she displays her work. She was introduced as a door maker, and when we mentioned we had been trying to design a door she offered to come to our house and provide suggestions. Things took off from there. She sent sketches, made a model, and provided us with a fantastic door.

She found a prize-winning contractor to install the door, investigated local sources for finishing the door, and came to inspect the finished job.

Our only source of concern was that we didn’t have a concrete concept of what the finished door would look like when we started the project. She couldn’t provide detailed paper-and-pencil sketches, as she said she “drew in wood”. We trusted her to know her craft and employ her artistic sense. That trust wasn’t misplaced.

The entire community is enjoying the door. Neighbors constantly stop by to tell us how much they like it. A friend across the street emailed today, “Your new front door is a masterpiece. I’m sure you are enjoying it no end.”.

We also bought a mahogany sculpture from Anne that interacts beautifully with the door.

– bmbloxom



It was a very personal and fun experience working with Annie to design and build the perfect door for my family. The combination of Annie’s expertise and craftsmanship and my specific desires resulted in a gorgeous, alive, unique and functional new entrance to our home.

– bettytobias



We have a beautiful custom door made by Anne Shutan. We get so many compliments on it — it’s great! It really makes a statement when folks come to our house.

The craftsmanship is superb. It is wearing well. We couldn’t be more pleased.

We highly recommend her work if she can fit you into her schedule.

– bdegrossa



Working with Anne was a collaboration of love and creativity. Her aesthetic genius, knowledge of wood and design allowed for us to have a door created that is more that just an opening into our home. It is a welcoming, an enticement, a relationship with our home that is noted and raved about by all who enter.

She is punctual with her delivery, masterful with all elements of her work and I would recommend her to any and all who want beauty, and elegance as the gateway to their home.

– debazorsky



This is a phenomenal door! Everyone who comes to the house comments on it. Anne Shutan, the artist and builder, showed us other doors she had made to give us ideas, measured the door opening, and constructed a scale model so we could see what it would look like and make changes if desired. The final door is beautiful, and the workmanship is excellent. And Anne is a wonderful, delightful person who is a pleasure to work with.

– pdspear



We had the pleasure of having Anne design and build our front door. She is extremely professional, kept to the deadline and budget. The best part of working with Anne is she made a stressful time remodeling our home fun.

She was extremely generous in letting us come over and watch the process as we live just a town away from her.

We constantly get compliments on our front door. It sets the stage for our home. I highly recommend Anne Shutan, and we would definitely use her again.

– jenniferath



We have enjoyed our Anne Shutan front door for the last 10 years. It was a pleasure working with Anne. She invited me to her workshop and I was able to have a hands-on experience in creating the door, which made it even more personal. Over the years, we have enjoyed the artistic beauty of the door from both the inside and outside of the house. It is one of the most prized possessions we own and get to use everyday of our lives.

– chianggang