The Grosso Home

I thought last year was fun. Well, this year is already proving to be exquisite. I’m just finishing up a beautiful Dining Room Table. It’s made of Kauri Wood, from New Zealand, and there is a lot of fun/elegant ebony joinery (butterfly and finger joints) adding to it’s already natural movement. I’ll post a photo when it’s completed. That should be soon. My friend and brilliant blacksmith, David Norrie is creating the bottom for the table. He’s really come up with the prime design to complete this canvas. We should have it in the new home in a couple of weeks. David and I are also doing 2 other tables for these open-minded clients.I’m about to embark on some great Doors to enhance an existing Music Center in the same home. I get to combine my furniture making expertise with my Door making excitement and create a piece that will look like a huge wooden art wall when everything is closed. Great commission! Thank you Greg and Edna. And thank you, Barb Silverman for introducing us. It worked!

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