My brother’s door

I’m making my brother, Peter, a door for his home in Altadena, CA. Peter did a remarkable thing for me in 2003. I was just told by the city of Boulder that I had to take my new 2 story passive solar shop down. What? I had all the permits, jumped all the right hoops. Apparently, the Federal utility easement that was across the way didn’t show up on the city’s computer and I wasn’t ever supposed to build on that property. Not only did I have to take the shop down, but take the foundation out as well. It was devastating to me. The city has a “immunity clause” so one can’t sue or get any compensation from them. What?! Well, right after it all came down, my brother wrote me a letter with a $5000 dollar check in it and wrote, ” I’m going to want a door someday, but I bet you could use this now.” Wow! What a blessing.  And now he’s ready and I get to create a beautiful Mahogany front door for Peter and his wife, Carmen. Ain’t life something!

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