Yummy Commissions

Well, the Judicial Doors and the sculptural back panels for the new Ralph L. Carr Judicial Center in Denver are up. Almost, that is. The big 8 1/2 foot Mahogany and bronze doors are installed in the Clerk’s vestibule and the “wooden waterfalls” for the back of the Law Library are there and about to be permanently installed. Nest week! That one is called “Peaceful Resolution”, a perfect name for this sculpture that will calm those who lay their eyes upon it. I love how wood helps to calm the frantic surroundings of today’s world.

This has been the most exciting project for me. Creating for and with Fentress Architects and Mortenson Constuction  has been a a joy and has forced me to think outside the box even more than usual. I’ve made it a goal to bring all of my kindergarten skills to this project. “Play well with others” being  number one. Whether it’s been the wonderful people that I hired to help me create the doors and panels or Kristine Willie, the project manager for Mortenson, who I’ve worked closely with all along the way, I put my connection with them as a priority. What a difference that has made. I’ve really had fun with them all. I look forward to working with you all again! What a hoot!

The Judicial Center will be open to the public so come on by and enjoy all the fabulous art that they have chosen.


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