Opening Doors

What an exciting month it’s been. There are two sets of big, gorgeous, Mahogany Doors at the finisher right now. One set is going into the new Ralph L. Carr Judicial Center in Denver, Colorado. Mahogany and bronze elegance waiting to enhance everyone’s “court” experience. I’ll let you know when the grand opening is and we can celebrate together. You can get a taste of these doors on this website under Portfolio, then, custom doors, and scroll all the way to the last door on the page. Enjoy.

The other set is for a beautiful residence just north of my home and studio. 8 foot doors with some slivers of rectangular glass to sweeten the architectural entrance. I’ve enjoyed every step in this process from meeting my wonderful clients to creating their dream doors in my shop. I have two part-time assistants who have added even more joy and a handful of giggles to the overall experience.

Right now I’m working on “Peaceful Resolution” –  sculptural, wooden waterfall, back panels that will also be installed in the Justice Center (Law Library) in a few months. Great movement, big challenges, exciting roads to new wood art. How lucky am I?

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